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know something about the region. I find that men who despair at first of drawing anything soon take down my diagrams pretty well ; but the rder zyban n prescriptin work would be greatly fa- cilitated by supplying the students with a series of outlines to be filled in. The blackboards can be made cheaply in any number. Procure some cheap fioor cloth, cutting it into the requisite number of sheets, hw much des zyban cst in australia all of the size most convenient for an average diagram (all generic zyban must be exactly the same). Paste on one or both sides of these a sheet of prepared blackboard cloth, using a paste made of flour paste and glue ; put brass eyelets, such as arc used nn-prescriptin zyban for sails or horse covers, into the two upper covers, and you have as many handy black- boards as you may wish. Have an ease! hw much des zyban cst in ntari and common blackboard with two nails to stretch the one you are using on, and when you are done with it buy cheap zyban nline liang it up on two con- venient nails on the class-room wall. Outlines painted on these in white oil colors, or in a mixture of gold size and zinc white, will remain ])ermancnt and allow any amount of chalk work. When my arm and leg sections have iinisliiiig dissect- ing these parts their work is reversed, and the same course renewed. So the seniors arc divided into a trunk section and ft head ami nei'k section, while all the juniors join for the joints and skull bones, and all the seniors are taken d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban to- gether for brain, eye, and ear. Now 1 would submit that such ft scries of lectures is nmch more useful to the stu- dent than an attempt to go systematically through (iray, repeating carefully, for example, the origin and insertion of Nov. 3, 1894.] SUTTOX: LAPAROTOMY FOR PELVIC DI.-iEA.iES. 549 every muscle, its action and nerve supply, even though we show each point described on dissection, buy zyban nline canada skeleton, model. or finished drawin (©riginal Communuatbns. LAPAROTOMY FOR PELVIC DISEASES. WHY COXTLNTE IT? By R. STANSBURY SCTTOX, M. D., ALLEOHENT, PA . 8CBGEOS TO TEBBACG BAKK generic zyban nline HO^PITAl. FOB WOXES. Since Tait taught us in 1880 that something be_vond the administration of drugs might be done for women suffering from diseased uterine appendages, he has had an enormous following in the United States. No end of good has come from his wonderful advance beyond the zyban 150 mg bula teachings of those who represented gyniecology before his time. No end of evil has followed in the wake of his dis- ciples. Like all improvements of great merit ia modern times, his method brought relief to thousands, death to hundreds, and exchanged one misery for another in scores of others. Tait was a giant. Ue s'timulated thousands of surgeons to think for tbemselves, to act independently of ancient literature, to seek a new medical religion. He played liis part in the great zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan drama of human progress. But are we not now, after more than a decade of observa- tion from the high plane to which lie called us, to ascend still higher and to achieve for women more than has yet been zyban sr 150 mg tablet achieved ( Are we to continue doing laparotomy for pelvic diseases ? 1 believe that I know zyban nline n prescriptin whereof I speak when I venture the statement that we are not. Since I*6an, in 1801, began attacking pelvic diseases through the vault of the vagina a new advance has been in progress. Foljiiwing I'ean came Segoud, Jacobs, Sanger, Leopold, Landau, and others, to contirm and to still further advance the good work begun and continued by I'ean. The day has gone by when we can longer afford to adhere to lapa- rotomy for pelvic diseases and tumors growing from the pelvic organs and still young, or still occupying the pelvis and even the lower alxlomiiial cavity. Jacobs has proved that eighty- five per cent, of women requiring removal of the uterine appendages have been infected by gonorrhii-a. Is it logical to do total extirpation or laparotomy in zyban nline australia these cases ( Why remove the uterine appendages and leave an in- fected uterus I Why imbed ligatures in infected tissues to bo Mubseijuently tlie ceiit«'r of exudates and pus cavities \ Why li-ave in the peritoneal cavity tlie infecteil Htump.H of inferleij tiibi's ^ Why run the risk, by the ohl conservn- live laparotomy "f Tail, of suppurating wounds, fiecal (Is- tuhiN, returning ligntures, and ventral iuTniiw \ Is tlie in- fucU'd uterus worth N/iving at such a cost t Why not remove the infei^ted uterus, rather than h'avo it to contiiiiii' bleeding, and to be the _/'oim r/ oriV/o zyban generic buprpin of a nasty ciitarrli.d dim-harge, loailed with all the bai'loria of the |iilM>r:ilgeneric zyban cst f JucidiH ii-IIh mu that in hw much des zyban cst in canada not a single cniu) buy zyban nline uk of recovery from total etllrpHtion in there u troiiblesomu Mwpirln. ('an we may Hn\ tiling; like this for luparutomy f Truly zyban (buprpin) 150 mg lie i* n txr^

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